Instant COVID Testing: Common symptoms of Infection

Instant COVID testing: For every sickness or disease, some warning signs or symptoms show the body is under attack and these symptoms vary from disease to disease.

When these symptoms show up, they indicate the need to seek medical care as your body begins to feel strange and uncomfortable.

Furthermore, when you’re infected by a pathogenic organism, your immune system becomes activated. Hence, this system recognizes the foreign agent present in the body and releases white blood cells and other antibodies to fight off the infections.

The activity of your immune system trying to eliminate the infection from your body brings about the symptoms you begin to experience.

Instant COVID testing: About the infection

However, you do not necessarily have to see symptoms before going for an Instant COVID testing. You can go for the test to be sure of your health status.

Perhaps you have close contact with droplets from an infected person or someone who is COVID-19 positive.

Infection from this virus causes symptoms that show up in people within 2 to 14days of exposure to the virus. The time between exposure to the virus and expression of symptoms is the “incubation period.”

you may breathe the viral material in droplets from a person into your respiratory tract (your windpipe and lungs), where the virus can then cause an infection.

But apart from that, you may need to go for a test if you have an upcoming domestic or international flight (check guidelines of the airline and destination for complete information).

Also, you need to go for a test if you have attended a large event or gathering where exposure risk was high (e.g., concerts, weddings, sporting events). You need to be sure of your safety.

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Common symptoms of COVID-19 infection

 The symptoms you get can also help you know if you need to test for COVID-19. COVID-19 affects people in different ways but the most common symptoms are listed below:

  • Fever or chills
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • A new continuous cough
  • High temperature
  • Congested or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of taste or smell

From all these symptoms, high temperature, a new continuous cough, and loss of smell or taste are the most common symptoms. So, if you have any of the symptoms, regardless if they’re main or not, you should go for a PCR test as soon as possible. You can get an Instant COVID testing from us at

Furthermore, common clusters of COVID-19 symptoms have been identified, they include:

  • Respiratory system clusters with sputum, shortness of breath, and fever.
  • Musculoskeletal symptom cluster with muscle and joint pain, headache, and fatigue
  • Digestive symptoms cluster with abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Note that symptoms of COVID-19 range from mild to moderate to severe illness. Studies have shown that 81% of people develop only mild to moderate symptoms, 14% develop severe symptoms and 5% of patients suffer critical symptoms (respiratory, failure, shock, or multi-organ dysfunction).

However, you need to seek urgent medical care if you’re seeing signs like:

  • Persistent pain in the chest
  • Trouble breathing
  • Inability to stay awake
  • Pale or blue-colored skin, nails, or lips

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Multiple Testing Options for Screening

We have put in place quality testing techniques (PCR MOLECULAR-TEST) that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for diagnosis of a COVID-19 infection.

The PCR technique works by detecting the genetic material of the virus that causes COVID-19 by analyzing your upper respiratory specimen. It is capable of detecting If you have the virus or not.

Not only this, but we also provide a Free antibody test for COVID-19 in Los Angeles. This test helps to check if you have had coronavirus before or if you have made antibodies to the virus.

Rapid Results

As you arrive we will collect your samples and analyze them within a few minutes. We work to provide results within a day with precision accuracy. You could even get your PCR test results via email or phone call usually within 24hours.

We also deliver antibody results within hours and with precision accuracy as well. With the latest technology from Abbot Laboratories, we now have a testing capacity for over 60,000 patient samples per month and growing. You can be confident that we give no room for delay.

Free COVID-19 Testing For; Travels, Events, Schools, Employees, etc.

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Professional Testing Procedure

We are fully EUA authorized on the FDA website and all our testing procedures follow all standard guidelines and safety criteria such that we ensure safe handling of specimens from contamination and safe disposal after use. Our test results are accurate and rapid.

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