Severe illnesses from COVID-19 – Risk Factors

Day by day, new cases of COVID-19 are recorded and this infection has claimed the lives of many. As of 11th February 2022, the number of new cases discovered right here in Los Angeles was 5,532. And so many people suffer from severe illnesses from COVID-19.

Do you sometimes pause to ask yourself why so many people died from the infection this much? Well, one of the major reasons is that many people are already at a higher risk severe illness if they contract the virus. 

Your immune system can be likened to the soldiers in a country – trained and equipped to prevent invasion and attack from the enemies. 

Some different conditions and factors could weaken your immune system and predispose you to diseases. These factors could range from lack of sleep, anxiety, diet choice, and certain medications to stress. When this happens, you become easily susceptible to getting a severe illness.

This principle is similar for COVID-19, as they’re some risk factors predisposing you to severe illness from the virus. 

In case you find yourself with any of these risk factors, it is advisable to go for the COVID-19 test.

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Risk factors predisposing you to severe illnesses from COVID-19

Below are the risk factors for severe illness from COVID-19:


Older adults mainly fall under this category, especially those who are 85 and above. Research has revealed that they’re more likely to have long-term health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

As you grow older, your immune system grows weak and become more susceptible to infection. Beside, changes to your lung tissue contribute to your susceptibility.

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Heart Problems

Those with Heart Problems such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, and heart disease have high chances of severe illness.


Cancer increases the risk of breaking down with COVID-19. In fact, those undergoing active chemotherapy for lung cancer are vulnerable to serious illness if they become infected with COVID-19.


Asthma is a long-term disease of the lungs that makes breathing difficult. Coronavirus virus involves the respiratory system, and a moderate to severe asthma could cause severe illnesses with COVID-19.


Diabetes is described as a group of diseases where there is too much sugar in the blood. The hormone insulin responsible for mopping excess sugar is insufficient or cannot be effectively used by the body.

Having this disease can lead to more serious illnesses such as kidney failure, stroke, blindness, etc. Generally, those with diabetes have a weakened immune system such that fighting against infection becomes very hard. 

So, this is the major reason why a diabetic patient with COVID-19 can suffer serious illness.

More so, viral infection such as COVID-19 thrives well in a sugar-rich environment causing serious complications.

More Risk Factors

Brain and Nervous System

You have a high chance of getting a severe illness from COVID-19 if you have conditions like Dementia or stroke that affect the brain and nervous system.

Liver and Kidney Disease

When you have chronic liver or kidney disease, it suppresses your immune system. And this may increase your risk of being seriously ill with COVID-19. More so, serious symptoms of COVID-19 and the use of medications for treatment affects the the liver negatively. 

Down syndrome

Down syndrome patients tend to develop complications related to COVID-19 such as heart disease, obesity, sleep apnea, and diabetes. They’re also more likely to develop lung infections. So, developing severe illness with COVID-19 is high.


Pregnant women who have underlying health conditions such as diabetes might be at higher risk of severe illness with COVID-19. Though, you have a low chance of getting COVID-19 while being pregnancy.

But, the chances of developing severe illness with an infection are high. Some research suggests that pregnant women with COVID-19 are likely to have a premature birth and cesarean delivery. Besides, their babies are more likely to go into a neonatal unit.

Weakened Immune System

As said earlier, your immune system will determine if a disease will throw you off balance or not. Many diseases and medications can weaken your immune system. This way, they put you at risk for more serious diseases such as coronavirus.

Immunocompromised body systems have a reduced ability to fight against infection and disease. So, you are unlikely to clear the virus from your body in such a state.

Closing Remark

To conclude, these risk factors and some others create a high chance of developing severe illnesses from COVID-19. So, getting a test is one way to know if you’re free from the infection.

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